A Visual Meditation: Click to watch The Great Bell Chant - make sure the sound is turned on.

Guided Meditations:; Insight Timer App

Qigong - Moving Meditation/Mindful Movement:

Heart Sutra Meditation: Close your eyes and begin to breath deeply and slowly, feeling your body begin to relax. Place your hand on your heart and if you can, envision a green colour in that area. (Green is the colour of the heart chakra). Slowly, silently repeat: Peace Harmony Laughter Love. Do this for a few minutes. When you notice that you’ve drifted away to thoughts, come back to repeating Peace Harmony Laughter Love. Let the words be your focus. If they get mixed up, they speed up or slow down, or you forget one, that’s okay. When finished, sit for a few moments with your eyes closed and let the stillness and peace settle in.

Meditation Timer Apps: Insight Timer; Meditation Timer

Books: You can click directly on the books below to see their details on Amazon. Go to my Resources page for links to a number of other books you may find helpful.

Destressifying by davidji A very readable book with lots of tips to help deal with the stress in your life.

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. I honestly use the teachings from this book every day in my life. 

Secrets of Meditation by davidji     The first book I read when I wanted to learn more about meditation - still a favourite.