A Lesson In Non-Attachment And Letting Go

A Lesson In Non-Attachment And Letting Go

Is it possible to love something and practice non-attachment at the same time?

Since 2006 our family has fostered puppies for the Lions Foundation Dog Guides of Canada. We usually get the puppies when they’re ready to leave their moms and we’ve had them for anywhere from nine to fifteen months.

We teach them to wear the Dog Guide vest, how to ride an escalator and elevator, how to behave themselves when they’re at the mall, in a grocery store or restaurant and generally becoming accustomed to being in different public places.

Once they go back to Dog Guide University, they’re familiar with these situations and the trainers are able to focus on working with them for their specific duties while fine-tuning what they’ve learned during their time with us.

We handle all of the puppy stages and just when they start to get easy we give them back.

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