The Unexpected Gifts of Meditation

There are many reasons to have a meditation practice. The benefits are many and although it can be difficult for people to understand, you simply feel 'different' than before you meditated - in a good way! 

Until they experience this phenomena for themselves, I find that people often think that it's just another underwhelming promise for the next best thing. A bit of an "Oh, that's nice for you, but not for me" mindset.

I always love it when around week 3 or 4 of a new class of students, they begin to tell me how meditation is impacting their life.

"I feel better than I've felt in a very long time - even with the medications that I've been taking."

"I seem to have more patience. I just feel happier somehow and less tense."

"I slept all night without waking up!"

And the list and comments go on. I experienced changes too, and when I realized that it was because of my meditation practice that I felt better overall, I stopped being a 'crisis meditator'. (You can learn more about the benefits on my Meditation & Mindfulness page.)

But there was something else that I came to appreciate a few months ago that I hadn't realized before. It was during my morning meditation that it hit me. One of the greatest gifts that meditation has given me is the gift of feeling more secure about myself and my place in the world.

As I meditated that morning, inexplicably events from the past began to replay in my mind. I hadn't thought about any of them for a very long time. Some were the type that I would now classify as 'cringe-worthy' due to my over-reaction.

Other memories were of how criticisms could completely crush me and kill any enthusiasm or passion that I'd had for something - and quite often it wouldn't return or rekindle itself. When that happened I would completely extricate myself from whatever it was, never to return.

A Meditative Awakening

In that morning meditation the lightening bolt moment appeared.  I realized that the way I had felt and my reactions to all of those events were a result of a deeply rooted insecurity. I can see it now as clearly as the ringing of a bell. But of course, I didn't see it then.

Sometimes you have to dig deep to get to a place where those insights will show themselves. It can be hard - darned hard - and it is always worth it. Often though, people aren't used to doing that kind of inner work. 

One of the gifts of meditation

The beautiful and courageous people who come to our retreats usually find the first day the most tiring as they start to peel back the layers of themselves. And then it becomes a celebration of the awakening - a step forward in the never-ending quest to know ourselves and what we want just a little bit better. 

Meditation helps to bring that peace of mind closer to the surface. When I was at my advanced teacher training and had to come up with something that defined meditation for me, this analogy presented itself: Meditation is creating the break in the clouds to let the sun shine through. 

Some of my best ideas, insights, answers and breakthroughs have emerged out of the blue while I was meditating. And in the other 23 1/2 hours of my day I am gentler, more patient, less reactive and have a greater sense of well-being and purpose.

My meditation teacher studies with davidji opened my eyes to a whole new world of philosophies and wisdom masters - both ancient and modern. I continue to dig deep, learn and grow every day. Meditation was the first step of my journey back to me and I am grateful for it every day. 



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