3 Reasons to Embrace Spontaneity. Can You Do It?

3 Reasons to Embrace Spontaneity

So.....do you Do Spontaneous?

Can you be spontaneous or does it drive you crazy?

Are you happier when life is planned and scheduled?

I know and appreciate that scheduling can make life easier, but would you consider this possibility? That it may also cause us to miss some of the serendipitous moments that life is trying to hand us? 

My cousin and I are good at Doing Spontaneous. (Which resulted in the photo to the left.) In fact, it usually works better for us because every time we try to plan getting together, it never seems to happen.

But if one of us can recognize, share and grab an opportunity when it appears - voila - we make it work and are seeing each other within a few days. We live 3 1/2 hours apart and it doesn't always work out, but it is always worth the attempt! If we didn't Do Spontaneous, we would see each other even less than we do now.

There are many good reasons for allowing room for spontaneity in your life, but here are 3 of my favourites

1. Magic can happen.

You discover a new restaurant, a new park, a new opportunity. You make new memories, laugh, share new experiences and see people or things that you didn't expect to see. It can be fun; it can be rewarding; it can fill your heart. In October 1975 I was with friends who spontaneously decided we should visit another university residence and then pushed a random button in the elevator. The doors opened on the 6th floor and there stood my future husband. 

2 - It gets you out of the routine.

Again, I know that we all have schedules and that they are needed, but do you ever get tired of them?

Yes, we have to show up at work or for the lesson or for whatever else we have happening at a set time, but we also need to keep our eyes open for those times when we're not scheduled - even if they are rare - especially if they are rare.

I don't walk nearly as much as I should, but when my husband asked me if I wanted to go with him on his walk this morning, I spontaneously said yes. Stewey the Zen Poodle was very excited because I don't usually go! It was a beautiful morning and If I had stuck with my usual routine I would have missed it. My work today was able to wait until I got back and I got some much needed exercise.

3 - Freedom!

It doesn't matter if it lasts a weekend or thirty minutes, when you can do something spontaneous it just feels good. It feels like a gift, like a new opportunity. You've broken free from the bonds of necessity.

Whether its simply going for coffee, an impromptu child's playdate or going for a drive, that time is precious. It's yours to use the way that YOU want to use it.

I have a friend who posted on Facebook a few months ago her frustration with the lack of spontaneity and how everything needs to be planned. So one day we were out in our boat going by the street where she lives and we called her. Ten minutes later she and her dog were at the dock, in our boat and off we went. Spur of the moment and completely unplanned - wonderful!

So.....can you embrace spontaneity?

Is it worth it? Is it worth allowing the time to simply go with the flow and do something spontaneous when an opportunity appears?

Can you let go of your routine and all of the things that you think you should be doing instead? That is completely up to you to decide.

3 REasons to Embrace spontaneity

I've pretty much always been a spontaneous kind of gal, and when there were times in my life when I was scheduled to the max, I missed it. I craved those moments when the universe aligned and we could decide on a moments notice to do something.

Memories were made in those times; relationships were forged - and they were always worth it. Don't let your fear of the unplanned get in the way.

As the song says, Let It Go! Recognize and ride the wave of opportunity and let the spontaneity flow! Trust me, all of these years later I'm glad I did.

Namaste,                                                                    Glenda

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